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Поради традиционно големия интерес към проявата желаещите да вземат участие в експедицията трябва да изпратят заявка за участие в офиса на БФКА до 10.06.2010г. Комисия “Алпинизъм” ще вземе решение кои участници да номинира за включване в експедицията.


GENERAL:11.th International Victory Climb to Mount Ağrı, organized by Turkish Mountaineering Federation (TMF), will be executed on August 26 – September 02, 2010. TMF has honor to invite (4) mountaineers of your Federation / Association.
Due limited capacity and weather conditions, TMF has right to change the program and to keep the number of nominees at an acceptable level if they are more than expected.

PARTICIPANTS: This invitation is send to International Federation or Association and from each of them TMF kindly ask to nominate four (4) mountaineers not later than June 30th, 2010.
The Mount of Ağri with its (5137) meters altitude needs not only at least basic experience concerning snow and glacier climbing techniques but also, necessary camp and climbing equipments such as sleeping bag, tent, ice axe, crampons etc.

HOW TO REACH IGDIR: Turkish Airline Flights are available to Agri or Kars and Erzurum through İstanbul International Airport. For flight booking and details (timetables, connections etc.) please visit Turkish airlines web-site www.thy.com By reaching Ağrı ,Kars or Erzurum, three main cities in the region, participants would take coaches which operate to Iğdır. Particularyl from Kars to Iğdır there is minibus frequently. Erzurum is far from Iğdır but Kars and Ağrı are nearest main cities to the Iğdır. Besides this There is paid services of Turkish Airlines from Kars to Iğdır

Distance between Agri – Iğdır : 143 km
Kars – Iğdır : 139km
Erzurum-Iğdır : 293km

International participants will be transferred from Iğdır bus station by TMF members in coach.

ACCOMMODATION : Existing hotels in Iğdır and the price lists, hotel name and telephone number in TL are shown below. The prices include only bed and breakfast.

Hotel name Telephone number Price as TLsingle room Double room
Hotel Latif +90 476 2279754
+904762275994 25 ytl 40 ytl
Hotel Alkış +904762271568
+904762263684 35ytl 60ytl
Hotel olimpia +904762271866 50ytl 80ytl
Hotel kerem yıldırım +904762277841
+904762279844 30ytl 50ytl
Approximately 1 US$ = 1.5 TL

FINANCIAL CONDITIONS: All organizational services, official permission and guidance will be providing by TMF. Although Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by each participant. All delegations are kindly asked to bring their national flags together with them. We would like to underline the fact that the Mount of Ağri needs official permission to climb, so please pay more attention to the names of mountaineers and avoid last minute changes.

List of items, which will be of use:

1. harness
2. crampons
3. Ice-axe
4. 2 x Screwgate karabiners
5. helmet
6. tenth
7. Sleeping bags, Sleeping pad, a gas stove, plates and dishes
8. Private equipment

Transport and Carrying:

1- All participants came to own opportunity at meeting place.

2- All participants are going to Korhan high plateau by bus and minibus.

3- If Participants want to rent porters for bags they will pay for many to porters (approximately 160TL).

4- Porters work only up to 3400m.

5- Participant will be cover first aid, climbing equipments, base camp equipments and foods

6- All participants must obey the timetable and leaders

цялото инфо: тук http://www.bfka.org/news.php?id=536

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