Кратка информация за маршрудите около Сидирокастро, Гърция

С подкрепата на Джу

Снимките представляват карта и гидовник на скалите около градчето :)

Ето и мейла който Джу е получил от някакъв грък :

I hope the files (foto+map) are clear and the text size enough to be read. If not inform me.
Unfortunatelly I dont have foto to show you some other routes that exist at the north side of the river (north cave mentioned at the foto) so I hope that the next time you will come at Sidirokastro I will be there too to give you some more instructions (beta).

P.S: To reach the north cave follow the road to the villages Faia Petra-Achladochori and 1km after the junction to the Schistolithos (???) there is a sector (25m height) beside (left) the road. Opposite from that rock starts a dirty road-path that ends at the north cave.sidirokastro-guide-bg sidirokastro-map-bg-2

Have fun safely

Поздрави Джу

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